Family Sessions: What to Wear


With family session season in full swing, I wanted to share a few tips and tricks to look best during your family portrait session! Picking outfits can be tricky, especially with little ones that you want to keep warm and stylish! In this blog, I’ll be including some resources to help you pick clothing perfect for you and your loved ones and I will also be sharing my latest family portrait along with a sample of what we wore and why we wore it!

1. Colors

First, credit to Wes Craft for capturing my family this past years summer season! It’s not always easy to get the family together and we were lucky to have my Uncle, Aunt and Cousin in for the holidays! For our session, we went with the jewel tone family, which includes turquoise, blue, pink, maroon, golden, amethyst and emerald. After years of photographing families together, these colors are always complimentary to lighter as well as darker skin tones. For family sessions I always recommend to stick with the jewel tone family and avoid greens and orange colors. Why green and orange? Orange is a color that can wash out a lighter skin tone and green blends in with a green backdrop!

2. Let’s Get Comfy!

Family sessions are often filled with candid moments, which can often be disrupted by clothing being too big for your little one. The key is comfort. For little ones wearing dresses and skirts, I always recommend leggings underneath and un-collared shirts for little ones to avoid constant readjustment of the collar as it can cover your little ones face. When selecting your clothing it’s good to be warm and comfortable to truly enjoy being in the moment!

3. Leave the Heels at Home

Ladies, let’s talk shoes. Many of my family sessions are held outdoors in a naturistic setting at a park, forest preserve or private estate with families that are active and love to spend time outdoors! For these sessions, leave the heels at home! When it comes to footwear I can’t recommend boots enough. From getting stuck in the mud to restricting clients from playing in the grass running with their little one, boots or flats are the way to go! For flats, I can’t recommend Rothy’s enough for clients as they are not only made from recycled water bottles (amazing), can be washed in the washing machine and are stylish and comfortable!

4. Resources

While there are a hundred thousand million blogs sharing similar advice to what I’ve shared here, I have a few resources I’d love to share to make sure your family session is a success!

Rothy’s -
Pinterest -
Style & Select -

Be sure to check back for more resources, tips, tricks and recommendations! xo ~ Ash